About Me

Beccy owns Holistic Equine, a specialist business providing information, services and products relating to whole horse (holistic) health.  She is married to Mark and shares her home Fenland Lodge with her parents and their many animals, which she sees as her own family.

Beccy feels we can improve immensely upon current equine management practices and our attitude and approach towards keeping horses healthy and happy.  However she believes this will require a 'paradigm shift' in current veterinary, farriery and horse management practices.  The remedy, for Beccy, lies in looking 'outside the box' for answers to the most fundamentally important question of all; 'WHY?'  Only by asking 'why' will these lead to more relevant questions and by through our own research and understanding, will lead us eventually to the right solutions.

Beccy is a self confessed lifetime learner and through her own education and experiences, hopes to encourage horse owners to question their own moral and ethical codes regarding the care of their horses.  Through Holistic Equine and by joining forces and sharing information with like minded professionals, she aims to provide horse owners with the tools to help their own horses and in doing so; will help 'spread the word' about developments in holistic science, practices and methods.  The acceptance of such methods, she feels, will bring about a greater depth of understanding about horses and in turn will improve equine welfare standards, in this country and abroad.

Beccy Smith BSc(Hons.) EBW RM DAEP MIAEP
BSc. (Hons) Equine Technology and Business Degree (1997)

BHS Stage III Equine Management (1998)
BHS Stage III Riding (1998)
Reiki Level I and II (1999)
Reiki Master-Degree III (2010) 
HND Animal Psychology and Zoology year 1 (2002)

EBW Equine Body Worker Level I (2008)

Applied Equine Podiatry Theory Level I (2010)
Applied Equine Podiatry Level 1 Practical (2010)
Degreed Applied Equine Podiatrist (DAEP) (2010)

On-going qualifications
Equine Iridology (Due 2011)

Courses Attended

RSCPA Inspector Rank training (2003)
Relationship between Lameness and Back Issues (with Dr Chris Colles MRCVS; 2007)
Equine Exercise Physiology (with Dr David Marlin; 2007)
Equine Biomechanics and Gait Analysis (with Dr Hilary Clayton, BVMs, PhD, MRCVS; 2008)
Applied Equine Podiatry theory and practical courses (2009/2010)

On-going courses

NRC Nutrition (Dr E Kellon)
Equine Cushing's and Insulin Resistance (Dr E Kellon)

Beccy is also learning Animal Communication and Shamanism.

Areas of speciality

Holistic whole horse health care/therapist
Applied Equine Podiatrist (hoof care)
Holistic environmental management
Equine Body Working and Integrated Therapy

Reiki Energy Healing

Member of Institute of Applied Equine Podiatry (MIAEP)