Monday, 7 February 2011

Metabolic Disease...the modern horse epidermic.

Did you know that the gut membrane has a direct line of communication with the skin of the horse and the lung membranes? So when your horse has laminitis or mud fever consider the health of the digestive system very seriously as they are all one continious membrane! 
The ONLY food stuff that should be given to horses is that which is free from harmful ingredients. Thunderbrook feed is the ONLY such feed on the market today which provides all the basic nutritional needs and which does not use straw, binders, food stuffs, binders, anti-oxidants, known allergenics/goitrogenics, pesticides, clays, anti-fungals, MSG's, and all other nasties which is found in high profile horse food. .......

This IS true and I am sorry to say it as I know it will cause anger, frustration, confusion and denial among many but it is time we started talking about the links between metabolic disease and hyperplasia of the pituitary gland in our horses brain and the unsuitable environment which WE are responsible for providing, which leads to behavioural problems, performance problems, colic, poor foot health, weight issues, cushings, insulin resistance, laminitis, sweet itch and a myriad other problems in the domestic horse today. The evidence IS irrefutable and overwhelming. Drug companies are spending serious amounts of money on making cushings drugs (pergolide-the same used in parkinsons disease which caused by hyperplasia of the pituitary-which is scientifically thought to be caused by certain chemicals used in food production) to market for use on horses and they wouldn't do that unless they thought there was going to be an increased demand in the near future.
But NO serious money is being spent on proving scientifically the root cause of many related problems seen in horses today and that is simply because it doesnt benefit the drug companies to do so. Time to face some hard facts.....if we dont start demanding that chemicals are NOT used in feed production (and believe me-they ARE-and they dont have to ist them on the bag!) and we dont start putting pressure on farmers to produce less chemically polluted hay crops, we will end up with the vast majority of horses being sick and unrideable by the time they are mature. Ask your self many well cared for horses did you know 20 years ago with laminitis and insulin resistance at 10 years of age and how many do you know now?  What about in 5 years time?

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