Sunday, 6 February 2011

Sick of bugs and infection or want to stay clean? Buy my fogger!...

I have for sale a NEBULO ULV Cold Fogger;

Use the NEBULO Cold Fogger to apply a wide variety of solutions to treat either open spaces or object surfaces. Use to create an aerosol dry-fog or a residual spray that wets all surfaces. Ideal for sanitizing, deodorizing, mould and mildew abatement, hydration (for gardens and greenhouses), application of insecticides, disinfectants and other water based solutions
·         Stable yards
·         Small holdings.
·         Veterinary practices
·         Greenhouses
·         Homes and gardens
·         Hospitals and care homes
·         Doctors surgeries and other medical centres
·         Pest control businesses
·         Shops, factories and offices......

NEBULO cold foggers use high powered electric motors and superior technology to produce a stable, uniform fog that carries farther and penetrates deeper than other cold fogger models. All NEBULO foggers have variable flow regulators to fine tune the fog particle sizes. Use NEBULO cold foggers to apply any non-flammable solution including insecticides, disinfectants, deodorants, fungicides, bactericides and more.
·         220-240v – 50/60 Hz
·         Dimensions: 15.75”H x 13.75”W (40cm x 35cm)
·         Weight (empty): 8.4 lbs (3,8 kg)
·         Powerful 700 watt electric motor
·         Variable flow regulator; 0 to 4 gallons per hour
·         Keeps 70% of all particles under 20 microns regardless of flow setting
·         Produces a denser, more stable fog that carries farther
·         Has 1 (US) gallon/4 litres chemical resistant poly solution tank
·         Applies cleaners, deodorants, bactericides, fungicides and more

This model as new, never used.  (RRP: £350).  Price: £ 175 (no offers)

Contact: Beccy Smith.  Tel: 01430 449344 / 07766 772245.  Email:  Fenland Lodge, Fenland Lane, Broomfleet, Brough, East Yorkshire, HU15 1RE.
Originally purchased from H R Medics: ( where you buy disinfectant.

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